What is Aquence™ Coating?

Aquence™, previously branded under the Autophoretic® name, is a chemical coating used in a process where an organic polymeric emulsion chemically deposits on the surface of a clean metal substrate.

A unique feature of the Aquence™ coating is the formation of a uniform film over the entire surface of the work piece, even in difficult-to-reach areas. This allows the coating dispersion to flow into and around the most complex shapes providing a uniform film build on the entire work piece.

Aquence™ is an approved finish for all the leading automotive companies and is also approved for office furniture, railcar, and several other industries. The mechanical characteristics meet or surpass those of e-coat and powder coat at less cost. Clark Pulley Industries is proud to be the only pulley supplier with this in-house capability.

Technical Data

*The information contained herein is based on information believed by Henkel to be accurate at the date of testing. No guarantee of performance is given. Additional or updated information may be obtained by contacting Henkel Corporation.

** Temperature resistance of ACC® 866™ Series Coating is dependent upon duration of temperature exposure and other environmental conditions (such as air flow and presence of moisture). Lifecycle testing for parts that will be exposed to temperatures above 200ºF or 90ºC is recommended.

System Information

Aquence™ Autophoretic® 866™ Series Coating

Clark Pulley Industries – System Outline

Stage 1 Alkaline Cleaner (Spray), Cleaner – ACL 2599
Stage 2 Alkaline Cleaner (Immerse), Cleaner – ACL 2599
Stage 3 Rinse (Spray), Tap Water
Stage 4 DI Rinse (Immerse), Virgin RO/DI
Stage 5 Coating (Immerse), ACC 866
Stage 6 Rinse (Immerse), Tap Water
Stage 7 Reaction Rinse (Immerse), RR 3416
Stage 8 Cure Oven, 250° F

Clark Pulley Industries – System Features

Conveyor System – Continuous I-Beam Rail
Operating Window Size – 24” Wide x 48” High
Line Speed – 9 ft/min
Cycle Time – 1 Hr / 12 Min
Rack Spacing - 36” Centers
Gross Wt/Rack – 65 lbs
Net Wt/Rack – 56 lbs

Clark Pulley Industries – Typical Coating Specifications

Film Thickness - .5 / 1.0 mil
Color – Black
Salt Spray – 504 hrs
Pencil Hardness – 4H/7H
VOC - Zero

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